Thursday, 24 June 2010

My Top Favourite 350 songs of all time. #341

Down Down by Status Quo

I mean, seriously, how can you not love this song? For all the dreadful shit they released otherwise, this is dumbass genius. Even John Peel loved this song for christ’s sake. And in this video, Francis Rossi is basically Steve Martin in a wig. I was in the Butchers Arms in Canton a few months back and I heard a group of twenty ukulele players do this and it was still brilliant. I wish that last sentence doesn’t indicate my drunkenness but it was ace regardless of my booze intake that evening. And there’s not many songs you can say that about.

Play it. Play it loud. Put your snobbery and prejudice to one side. Put your thumbs in your pockets and shake it bitches.


  1. Let it be known here and let it be known now that the Quo are an outstanding band. Repetitive only inasmuch as good things are nice to do repeatedly. You may disagree; and that is your right, but know this: not liking Status Quo- or at least those chart hits so liberally sprinkled through their career- marks you as a snob and worse, a possible reader of the NME.

  2. I too have seen said ukulele players, they do a fantastic version of hells bells by the mighty AC:DC.