Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My Top Favourite 350 songs of all time. #345

Night Vision – Super Furry Animals

The Super Furry Animals are an odd bunch. Like a cross between the KLF and the Beatles, they write astonishing pop songs for people who hate pop music, political dance anthems for apolitical discophobes. Welsh language champions and patriots to a man, but banned from Eisteddfods for playing songs in English – an unruly bunch with a fine line in sardonic wit, Night Vision is one of those songs that sum up the Furries best. It’s almost an irresistible party rock anthem, gleefully sabotaged from within by a middle section that sounds like a squadron of depressed vuvuzela blowers chasing bees down a wind tunnel.

Taken from the patchy Guerrilla album, their last for Creation, this song is basically the sound of a hyperactive child’s dreams after drinking a shitload of Sunny Delight whilst being forced to watch Apocalypse Now with a room full of drunk and randy clowns.

Or something called DukeNukem.

I was either going to write about that track or this one, which sounds like Boards of Canada having a crack at Atmosphere by Joy Division.

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