Friday, 28 May 2010

A Letter To Richard Littlejohn re the Bradford murders.

Christ, I hate this bastard. Today's Daily Mail column reprises a Littlejohn theme, the depiction of murdered women as "women who worked as prostitutes" rather than just "prostitutes" or, as Richie would no doubt prefer, "drug-addled slags who had it coming." Anyway, I've written to him. I doubt he'll reply.

Dear Richard

Some people, myself included, believe that by merely describing someone as a "prostitute" in the reporting of this horrific crime, that that reduces the status of that person in death to something less than deserving of our sympathy.

Richard, you're described as a "columnist" whereas, in reality, you're a "racist, homophobic bigot peddling hysterical pieces of hate-filled nonsense to be read by ill-informed morons like yourself". You add nothing to the cultural or intelligent life of this country.

I trust your own demise will be reported with sympathy and sensitivity towards your friends and family, a token of decency and respect you have failed to show in kind.



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